Thursday, January 22, 2009

Something left for me in the morn.

(I like the black and white version I put both up!)

I woke up this morning and stumbled to the kitchen to find these beauties left for me. Well, I'll be darned if not all days have to start out shitty. Damian passed by my house on his way to work and left these for me! What a way to cheer me up people, seriously...I die (to quote Rachel Zoe, despite the fact that I don't like Rachel Zoe). And they're so damn bright and perky, how can I not feel good when I look at these beauties!

<3 Thank you, Damian.

So here are two more pictures from my day, one being my outfit pic...I'm trying to keep it up. My face is obscured by Domo-kun as my expression was somewhat bordering on murderous. Hunger + crazy work hours = never good. Anyway, perhaps this helps as a guide on appropriate dressing? Since I've seen some other instructors dress a bit...too...provocatively/inappropriately. The other is just the perfectly organized chaos I have on my office desk. With my beloved Tsuki the Third taking the center spot.

Good night everyone!

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