Saturday, February 03, 2007


Forever 21 situation solved! Ki-chan will order it for me online and then send it. :) Wee! Thanks Tovi for offering though!

It hasn't arrived and D already calls it The Matrix Dress. Oh, the humanity.

Anyway, I'm stuck writing my paper for Optika and it's a bit like trying to run through tar. I'm making this essay larger bit by bit, but it's The Suck. I have no idea how to end it. But I really shouldn't be worried about that, right, when I should be worried about how to flesh it out. Hmm.

The quota to fill is 6-7 pages single spaced. Woo. I am going on 3 and a half. There are things I have to develop, but my poor brain feels like it has given out. I always figured I would have more than enough material, but it feels like I'm grasping at straws.

And yes, I know, I haven't put up pictures of the Ferragamos or the links to the fashion blogs. Right now I'm kind of concentrating on this paper. With exceptions made for browsing shit I can't afford online.

And before somebody complains "ANOTHER fashion post!?" here's a picture taken at las Fiestas Patronales de Mayagüez. Yes, I went. No, I'm not ashamed. I wish I knew better my camera. It seems I take better shots with Damian's. Anyway, nothing fantastic. I've been out of taking pictures for a while.

And because if I don't take a break from writing this essay, my brain will implode, tonight I'm going out with Boobie Sharon. We're going out to see Because I Said So, movie who's existence I did not know of until I saw the ad today. It looks promising, and an LJ acquaintance said that it was good so, we will see. Plus, walking around the mall is always good. Looking at things we can't buy. :D I'll check if my boots finally arrived, hm.

Wow, this has been how many posts in one day?

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Fashion posts?.. duh, blog's name is Shiny, it should be expected =D

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