Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Boredom reigns.

So, I'm here at my last half hour of work, trying not to go crazy. I managed to edit 3 plays from the manuscript I'm doing, but now my brain is mush. Hopefully only until class. I need it for then. Not even the Baby Ruth I just ate gave me a sugar rush. Sad.

Optika went very well! Thanks to everyone who wished me luck and who attended. My D and Boobie Sharon showed up to be my support! Unfortunately, the other Boobies didn't make it due to scheduling conflicts. Anyway, I almost froze to death in the amphitheater. And I was also quite nervous, but come presentation time, I was able to assume a calmer exterior. Word on the street is that my paper was much enjoyed and so was the movie, although many people ended up being confused. (I talked about Shoujo Kakumei Utena.) All in all, conferencing was an interesting experience and I hope to do it again some time. Now I have to prepare my paper to hand it in to the Important People. I so have to do the bibliography. >.>

The afterparty was quite fun. Free food and good mojitos (of which I only took a sip...). And it felt quite odd to have people come up to me and compliment me or ask about my paper. '.'

And, before I forget, Boobies who took pictures, you'd better share! *pokes*

In other news, I succumbed to the temptation of Marc Jacobs once again. I got a pair of below the knee, kitten heel boots. Ay ay ay. I'll post pictures once I get the new fashion indulgence. My other boots still haven't arrived, and I'm kind of stressed. I know they're transfer and they're reserved only for moi, but still...

Also, I managed to do all my reading for my Nuyorican Poetry class. :O I feel so responsible.

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