Saturday, February 03, 2007

More clothes.

So yeah. Vivi, this is the dress I e-mailed you about and then I realized the link I provided you with didn't work. Wee. This is called the Annie Dress, and it's the poor man's version of the Marc Jacobs Sumi Blossom dress. I really like it!

If anybody has a Forever 21 close by and can get it for me, tell me! ;_; Please. There are no Forever 21s in Puerto Rico and Forever 21 doesn't ship outside of the United States mainland anymore. :/

PS. I'm a medium!


Tovi said...

Aqui tengo dos cerca. Si lo veo te dejo saber

Osoroco said...

wow ese pattern se parece a los sentinels de the matrix

ほし said...

Gracias Tovi :)

*pokes boyfriend* You're mean...but you know I can totally rock that dress. :D

Osoroco said...

but they do look like sentinels!