Tuesday, February 06, 2007

They're here!

My Marc Jacobs shoes arrived today in the post! :) Still haven't touched or seen them yet, since I've been at work all day...As soon as I get home, I'll put them on and prance around and probably take pictures (of them and of the Ferragamos).

So anyway, since I've been on a Marc Jacobs binge lately, I've been really thinking that I want a wallet. So far, these are the three I really like.

At first, I was hankering for the mustard yellow one, but then I saw the red one and I fell in love. However, at 168 dollars a pop, I don't think I'll be getting one soon. I don't have that much disposable income!

Anyway, I'm so tired. And this has pretty much become a fashion blog. x.x I'm about one page shy of finishing my Optika paper, but I'm too tired to keep writing today (after revising even more books at work), so I might as well continue fixing up the presentation, right?

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Vivv said...

I would go for the read one too, Cute!!