Thursday, February 08, 2007

Part of a nerdgeek's wishlist.

As you all now, I have a Bachelors in English and am currently pursuing my Masters in English as well. So, it's safe to say, that I'm one of those people that actually enjoys talking about school stuff in her off time. Many a day off has been spent talking about how great T.S. Eliot was, how I'll probably end up in hell sharing a couple of drinks with Ernest Hemingway, and how Shakespeare can be a pain in the ass yet so entertaining at the same time. (And I mention those authors because a) these situations have happened b) they're fairly well-known so readers won't go "huh" and c) if I mentioned Jane Austen, people would start whining about chick lit).

So, in honor of my literary nerdery, I would like to show you some articles that I pine for that are in some way related to Willy Shakespeare, that man who put so many quotes into our current vocabulary and made the play that would facilitate us with Ten Things I Hate About You, that movie in which Heath Ledger sings and Julia Stiles began her career as a Shakespeare girl.

One of the first things I most want is this: a letter seal set! For some reason, ever since I was little and saw all those medieval movies showing the characters sealing their letters with wax, I've had a craving to do that.

That's it for now...I have to get back at scanning images for my Optika presentation. Wee.

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Myko Kitsune said...

First, love the heart shoes, second,don't feel alone in the world with the nerd geek gifts, because i also want one of the seals, they are so awesome and classy, it makes you feel like royalty when you seal your letters with those. About the the ten things i hate about ypu post on Shakespiere, the only thing i totally adore from that movie is that Heath Ledger looks so hot with dark hair(apologies for the girlie mind trip)i mean,(clears throat)the scene when she agrees with the proffessor and he thinks she is playing him so he sends her to the office.