Monday, February 05, 2007

Proenza Schouler for Target.

While I can't say that I think all the looks are fantastic (I'm not really keen on the colors of the button-down skirts), I definitely have some favorites from the Proenza Schouler for Go! International at Target! And here they are. :)

I really like the dress and the chain print tee. Right now, those are my two to-die-for items. Now, all I need to
find out is if the clothing items fit true to size and harass someone to buy them for me. :P

Though I shouldn't because my poor credit card already is heaving under the weight of the Marc Jacobs shoes, all the books I had to buy for classes (and for my Optika paper), and other necessary sundry.

Anyway, I get back to work. I am being wenched by my Optika paper. Only 1.5 pages to go and I'm DONE. Then, time to finish making the Power Point slides. (Yes, I'm using PowerPoint, sue me.)

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Vivv said...

I don;t know what happened but I had to re-log in to be able to type this comment to your post and, as always, I forgot my username and password :(

I haven't seen the purple dress yet because its not in store. I saw 2 of the 3 blouses that u posted and I must tell you that they look better on the pic than they do in real life. The purple one is the only one decent. I tried it on and looks ok. I'll tell u about the dress when I see it :)