Saturday, September 23, 2006

Ramblings on a Saturday afternoon.

Guess who's the new graduate student representative?

Yesterday they tallied the votes and I actually won by a considerable margin. Whoa. I was hoping for, but not expecting that. Thanks to everybody who voted for me and gave me their confidence. For those who didn't, I hope I'll prove to you that I was the right choice, nevertheless! :P

I didn't win the presidency of the grad organization and I'm a bit disappointed about that, I'm not going to lie. But I'm also grateful. I realize I've never been in that position before and I would probably be overwhelmed. Grad representative is a lot already! But I'm still on the directive: I'm a vowel/public relations agent. :P

I'm doing some reading for my Theory class, and, finally! Something that I find interesting! We started on feminism and while I don't consider myself a hardcore feminist, I definitely enjoy this literature. I didn't like Simone de Beavouir's The Second Sex much, I kept falling asleep. :/ But I started on The Madwoman In The Attic and I'm really excited. It's fabulous. It started a lot of thinking processes that I might correlate with the paper for the symposium. Who knows!

Also, the essay got me to thinking on the hypersexualization of media figures today. How disgusting. Take Fergie for instance. Any talent she may possibly have is undermined by her appearance. (And I say possibly have because that London Bridge song is, for lack of a better word, retarded.)

Anyway. My car seems to be in its death throes. Last night as I was driving home, the speedometer died. So now I don't know at what velocity I'm going. If a cop stops me, can I use the dead speedometer as an excuse? Don't die, Shinchi!


nyd said...

I am so happy for you! it is great that u won. they could not have picked a better person! I'm sorry about ur car. that kind of sucks, but it may be time for you to give ur car a better life.

Not so RaggedyAne said...

I just wanted to say CONGRATS!!!

Viv said...

Congrats girl! I know you're very exited about your new position and I am very excited for you too :) One question though: Have you been to a departmental meeting before? If you haven't, get ready. I'll just say that. I'm not trying to scare you. Im just warning you.

And that Fergie song is catchy but to me it sounds like Gwen's "Halla Back" song. Hypersexualization? Women as objects of the male gaze? Never...
Have fun with theory. Its tricky but evry now and then you read something that makes you say "woa, this is good" or "aha! now --- makes sense!"
Its a "good for your brain" class. It gives it plenty of exercise. Ji, ji.

ほし said...

Thanks for the congrats, girls! :)

And nope, never been to a department meeting...I just hope I don't have to take any sort of Kevlar/body armor or such. o.o

I'd never thought that Fergie's song sounds like Gwen's but now that I think about it (and listen to it again, ugh), it's true...just don't let Klo find out or she might hunt Fergie down and try to maim her.

On second thought, totally tell Klo. She'd be doing the world a favor. :D

Viv said...