Thursday, September 28, 2006

I bet you think this post is about you, don't you?

I just realized that I'm kind of fucked this weekend.

I have two essays to hand in for Monday and Tuesday and I have not started work on either of them. Mainly because of apathy and because I have zero idea of what to do for content. x.x Ack.

Another thing is that these feminist readings are really starting to grate on me. Some of the articles are quite extremist...denouncing all heterosexuality as rape, for one. Someone once said that they hated feminists, I think I finally understand why. I've never considered myself a feminist because I never thought gender mattered. An innocent (perhaps stupid) notion, but I didn't care. I never saw myself as inferior to any male. So, to me, all these reactions are just...radical. I am aware that there are constructs about how females are supposed to act, react, and conform and I also accept that I use them at times. As in, men can do the heavy lifting, computer stuff, etc. But is there no power in willingly making that choice? All this theory is confusing. And it can be so infuriating.

I think this whole gender thing has been doing laps in my head ever since a professor commented that I never address femininity in my argumentative style. Why should I? The behavior is regarded as tomboyish/masculine, but I never needed any man. I was pretty capable of handling myself and whatever chore they threw at me. (Pushing cars? Ok. Hauling sacks of corn? Alright.) The art and artifice of femininity was something I grew into as I grew up. I like wearing pretty clothes and nice jewelry and sexy shoes, but I feel equally alright when I am genderless, when I wear loose jeans and a sleeveless shirt. Or when I wear workout clothes. In fact, I'm confident in that attire.

I do hope I'm not rambling.

Anyway. My point is, I just think everything is equal. I never approach anything thinking about the sex/gender/sexuality of the other person because it doesn't matter. Those things don't make you superior or inferior to anyone. What matters is the subject, dammit. Everything else is just randomness.

I guess that's why I'm still getting used to having doors opened and bags carried for me. I did it for myself, not in some sort of grand protest to male/female roles. Oigh. My head hurts from thinking about this so much. xD

One last thing. As far as D and I go, I consider us equal. There are things that one of us can do and the other can't, so we complement each other. I don't see it as some race of who has the upper hand or who is the dominant in the relationship. I don't think he sees it like that either. It's a cooperation, a compromise. Just let it flow.

In other subjects, I'm working on the eBay post and on the wishlist post. It'll be more of a "things I so wish I could have and some day I may track down on eBay" post, but I'll link my Amazon wishlist too. :P

And now I have to go. Must get ready to go pick up questionnaires from my Consulation Committee boss.

And, the new The Killers album is pretty damn awesome. At least, I think.

Have a good one, y'all.


Tovi said...

Thanks for the tip, just downloaded the CD myself.

Phobos said...

Standing ovation.

Es que, parafraseand o a Sabina, por las autopistas de la libertad no se atreven a conducir sin arrastrar cadenas.

Viv said...

Maybe Feminist theory sounds like mumbo jumbo, but all those theorists have a point each in their own right. And gender studies are pretty cool. There is a lot to discover and say in that area. I especially like to analyze representations of women in literature and pop culture. Watch TV, watch movies, read magazines. Think...

Feminism goes beyong wearing or not wearing this or that. It goes beyond physical labor and the mental/intellectual abilities of each sex. Feminism is not about proving that women are superior to men. Its about equality, discovery, analyzing, understanding, and reacting.

What/who are you reading that has you tangled up like this?

Don't confuse feminism with prejudice.

P.S. #2
Ever wondered/ thought why high heels are considered sexy and according tho whom they are sexy?

Osoroco said...

One last thing. As far as D and I go......I don't see it as some race of who has the upper hand...

need me to talk about our bowling alley visits?

j/k :P

ほし said...

I think they have valid points, but the problem is that it can just be so extreme. They might not be, but they sound prejudiced, the way they write. So far, the ones that trouble me are Monique Wittig and Addrienne Rich. I know they make valid and interesting points, but the way they're expounded, is just way too much.

Hehe, I know that fashion is basically run by men and that high heels are viewed sexy by men. (I originally was going to do my thesis on fashion as a mean of repression and liberation but I changed my mind and decided to use that for my dissertation.) High heels, like Chinese foot binding, are another way of hindering the woman and making her more accessible. They limit movement (and also create that trademark sway) that make women more appealing.

And bowling...that's just me being competitive because I know I can be as good as you. :P

Viv said...

Oh honey! But you're talking about new (as in recent) feminists and one of them is a radical. No wonder they have you troubled. Feminists never drove me crazy, but Marxists did (and badly). Just take it easy...

Who's teaching theory?

That was a great topic for a thesis!! Why did you drop it?