Monday, September 25, 2006

Oh where, oh where could my YSLs be?

So yes. Every year, for my birthday, I get myself a little present. I didn't know what to get myself this year and I figured I probably wasn't going to get anything until I chanced upon Ane's blog and saw the beauty of the Yves Saint Laurent St. Germain pumps. I searched on Bluefly, googled them, but alas...until a miracle arrived in the form of eBay. And they had them in my size...

Well, happy early birthday to me, then. :D

(Ignore my feet in the picture.)

They're actually quite comfy and the color is not as shocking as I thought. Plus, they're green. I love green.

However, I do think it's sad that I have to justify my purchase. x.x It's not like I blow my money on things all the time and, yes, I saved for this specific purpose. x.x

Will update later on more "relevant" things, such as life, academia, and actually being on top of things. For now, this.


K said...
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K said...

Why didn't anybody prepare me for this !?!?!!?!?!?!?!

ほし said...

Errr? Did you comment twice? Or did someone else curse me out and then delete it? x.x

Viv said...

Oh - My - GOD!!! Awesome shoes!!! I LOVE them. Just today I say a green coat in Marshalls that was awesome. I like green and other primary colors to dress. They look so pure, funky, vibrant and fun. I Love your shoes dahling. They're awesome. And YSL PLASE, how can you go wrong with anything YSL? But please, do disclose the price and how you got them. I know EBay has great stuff like (tears) Chanel bags for great prices but I don't know how to shop through EBay. I'm always scared that I'll get a rip off. Oh master Yoda teach us please!!
Wear those shoes girl!!

No so RaggedyAne said...

YAY!!! They're HERE!! WHEET WHEET!!!

They're gorgeous and looks fabulous on you!! Don't they look even better in real life?! Congrats and enjoy them!!

ほし said...

:) Thanks guys.