Friday, September 22, 2006

Have you ever seen green dwarves?

Last night I got to go to a concert by a band that I like since the fourth grade. I am now (well, in a week) 23. You do the math. :D

(Enanitos Verdes courtesy of my boyfriend...I was too excited to take pictures at this point.)

Los Enanitos Verdes (The Green Dwarves) played Mayagüez last night and I made damn sure that I was there to see them. Vivanativa opened, bleh, so I'm glad we were late. The lead singer of Vivanativa has a mullet. I think that's all I need to say. x.x

At first, I tried taking pictures, but I was so excited and distracted that my boyfriend kindly took pictures for me. Yay! They played songs from the most recent album, Pescado Original (Original Fish) and they also played the classics, the songs I would sing along to in various stages of my elementary and high school life.

I think D was equal parts traumatized and entertained by me at the concert. I was a little into the whole thing, but, hey...I usually never get to go to concerts I like, so cut me some slack.

Also, this is one of the few bands in Spanish that I like. x.x So, of course, this was important to me! :D All in all, a good time. Thanks Gabo for the tickets. Those 35 dollars are on the list of most well-spent.

In other news, the dogs have decided to prove their undying love for me by returning to habits they haven't practiced in a few years. Before, they used to jump on my bed and wake me up by pawing or licking me, but they stopped. A few days ago, they started doing this again and this morning all three of them were in my room, showering me with their love! I feel special.

However, why do they have to do it at 6:45 in the morning on my day off, hmmmm? x.x


K said...

Uhhhh You didn't tell me u where going !!!! Bad Stella Bad !!!

But I didn't ask either jijiji !

I hope u had fun !

K said...

Ohhh and I forgot to say ....
*clears throat*

Puuuuuuuppppppyyyyssss in the lightning !!!! Wohooooo!