Tuesday, September 19, 2006

And now, the wait.

Just sent my proposal for the Optika 2 Symposium. Now, the compulsive handwringing, twitching, kicking while asleep begins.

Yeah, I know, I'm dramatic. But, at least I accept the fact that I over-worry. xD

I really hope my proposal gets accepted, it would be a great opportunity. Sure, it'll be nerve-wracking, but it'll be a challenge.

And I did not know that Rita Hayworth was Latina! Wow...

Thanks Ki-chan, for your advice on the abstract and bio. :3

And I've been writing this whole post in random sentences...am not functioning well under the milk & cookies haze.

Good night!


Tovi said...

Rita Hayworth = Margarita Cancinos

They dyed her hair to make her palatable to americans.

Where's the conference taking place? Will you need to fly anywhere? Conferences are good opportunities for vacations with your significant other. I'm going to a conference at Disney in January but I'm really looking forward to two conferences taking place in Europe. One in Madrid, the other in The Netherlands.

K said...

ummmm cookies .....

Osoroco said...

i hate you because of your traveling
and because of your newton
and because you don't live in teh shithole anymore


Tovi said...

Awwwww... you're making me blush

ほし said...

It was pretty interesting to see how they just converted people into Anglos...they even receded their hairline with electrolysis to make them whiter! That is just fucked up.

The conference is at Colegio, but I do plan on eventually applying for others. Hopefully, those have nifty locations :D I'm particularly interested in a conference a professor of mine went to in New Mexico about minority literature, but we'll see.