Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Diving further and further into vampirism.

So, I'm fairly sure I've said this before, but Masters classes are royally ruining my sleep schedule. Since I get out at night, my clock has been promptly reversed. While everyone is nodding off at 12, I'm still jumping around like a monkey. D asked me if I've been working out lately. Which I should. But he said it because that would tire me out and help me rest.

Or, at least, that better be why he said it, hm.

Anyway. Continuing with the strange dreams posts I began in my previous blog (a blog that I miss already, gah, separation anxiety), the other night I dreamt that I was in New York. Now, what's so strange about that, you might ask. Well, first of all, I saw the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles while exiting the metro, D was hanging around in my dream, and then Madonna showed up, filming a music video. Never let it be said that my subconscious isn't creative.

I just e-mailed my temporary advisor, future committee member, and one-time professor the abstract I plan to submit to a symposium. I'm sort of crapping my pants about it. I hope it's good and that it gets accepted because conferences are great opportunities for grad students. She's revising it to see if it's ok, and then to send it off, hopefully to get approved by the powers that be.

Also, elections for Graduate Student Representative began today. Needless to say, the nervousness is even worse. I even developed a tick on my right hand! It's been twitching uncontrollably on and off all through the weekend. And today. Not good. Oh well, at least it will all be over this friday, and whatever happens, happens for the good of all the people involved. (That thought doesn't cancel out the fact that I'd like the position(s) though.)

And in other news, my parents got me the camera I wanted for my birthday. My birthday is in about two weeks, but, hey. They figured since I "knew" I would be getting it, I should have it now. :S I am not being by any means ungrateful, I'm very happy with my present, it's just that I miss the innocence and surprise that birthdays once had. Oh well. I guess this is growing up?

I could keep blabbing, but I should try to get some sleep now that my right hand's not twitching (it kept me awake last night). More details about other stuff later. G'night!


Viv said...

Welcome to grad students world Stella! Now, trey being nucturnal for 3 years and suddenly turning diurnal again. Now that's a challenge!
What is that about your right hand twitching? Are you for real or just kidding?

ほし said...

I'm not kidding, Viv...the index finger and thumb of my right hand twitch out of their own accord. Fun. It's less now than it was before, but still. >.>

Viv said...