Monday, May 05, 2008

Procrastination: an unappreciated art form.

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What I should be doing:
-working on my Philosophy of Teaching statement for tomorrow. Oops, today!
-working on my part of the presentation for later on today
-e-mailing my thesis director
-brainstorming for possible proposals

What I am doing:
-watching What Not to Wear and The First 48
-editing and uploading pictures to Flickr
-looking and adding pictures to Faves in Flickr
-writing this post

As you can see, even though I am less than 24 hours away from being done with class (and with having to take class!), I will not renounce my practice of the refined art of procrastination. Viva la sloth!

To distract you from my laziness, here, a pretty picture of one of the baby frogs in my yard.


Viv said...

That's a lovely little froggie! so cute!
You sound like me when I was pre-finals. I am an expert procrastinator. I think that the more time you sspend in college the better you get a t it. Especially when professors give busy work! Can u believe that? At a graduate level! Yes, they do :(

ほし said...

Haha, I used to be really OCD and anal-retentive about school and such. But after the disillusion that is the Colegio MAEE, I don't care anymore. I still want to get As, but, since it's not encouraging, I'd much rather do other more interesting things. Like procrastinate!

Btw, I read your blog, and if you're going to cut your hair really short, now is the time...I mean, even I did it. But that was a couple of years ago and it was an accident. -.- *sigh*

Viv said...

I now the MAEE is not motivating. But do not despair! There is a future after it! And you're almost done ;)

Thanks for the hair advice. I'm thinking about cutting my hair in June. I'll keep u posted about what I end up doing. Another slanted bob? A pixie cut? Hmmm....

Anonymous said...

I perhaps shall simply keep silent