Wednesday, May 28, 2008


How to best describe how I'm feeling:

Imagine your bones. Imagine your bones wanting to rip out of your muscle and skin and bang themselves repeatedly onto a wall until they break. That's how much my bones ache. Wee.

So last night I got about a total three or three and a half hours of sleep. Between the dogs barking, my continuous sneezing, the headache, the bone ache, and the tooth ache, that was all I got. So I've decided that next time, I want to have sleeping pills. I really am considering it since three hours of miserable sleep vs eight hours, I think we have a clear winner.

By the way, I am fully aware that I'd hallucinate. But I'm beginning to think that a few minutes of seeing normal lights look like disco lights and having a full night of sleep, well. I'm willing to risk that. 

So, to that person you see barely hanging on, be kind. Don't say, "I slept in! TILL TWELVE!" Because that will make that person most probably want to kill you. Or at least, produce extensive bodily harm.

I hate it when I have sick posts, because it makes me feel like a whiner, but you know what? When my body decides to get sick, it gets sick in the most spectacular of ways. For sure.


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