Friday, May 23, 2008

Good Finds: Old Navy

So I decided to share this with you because, honestly, these sandals are great. They're from Old Navy's leather collection and they're only 19.50! (I sound like an ad, oigh.) They, as you can see, have studs, but not in an overly dramatic way. They remind me of a pair of Marc Jacobs flats from a few seasons ago. Aren't they cute?

Despite being hilariously broke (as in, when the bill comes, I will have to ask my mom for the 19.50 to pay for these), I put in an order for these puppies in the Soba Noodle color, size 11 (because I have skis for feet, awesome). If you're interested, they're obviously available on, but check your local store to see if they brought these in already. :)

Jeez, I sound like an ad. Oh well, just wanted to share this cute find for summer. 

(I, of course, realize that the menfolk that read my blog could usually care less about fashion and might already be convulsing. Just don't die out on me.)


Tovi said...


Holy Crap!

ほし said...

Yep. Quiver in fear...or marvel at Bigfoot!