Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Forgive me, Anthony. I have strayed.

So normally I take the decidedly human with good taste approach to Rachael Ray: dismiss her the instant she is mentioned and point out that she does not know how to cook (something that she herself has owned up to several times on her insipid show). Plus, it turns out that she's a very mean and snotty person to anyone who approaches her. I've heard a couple of stories that she tells random people "don't you know who I am?" Yech.

Still, in my semi-religious, totally fanatical daily visits to Tastespotting (only one of the best websites on food ever), I stumbled on a link to an asparagus recipe. Because I happen to like asparagus. Despite somebody's avid protests, I happen to quite enjoy the taste of asparagus. So I clicked the link. And when I read the recipe, said recipe was adapted from a Rachael Ray recipe.

I feel kind of...low. Dirty. Ashamed.

I'm sorry Anthony Bourdain. I've faltered you.

Please don't hurt me if I ever run into you.

But I will say this, the recipe does not, I repeat, does not have any pre-processed or pre-made ingredients (as she is known for), so I feel some sense of vindication for both me and her. It is actually made from scratch. So I shouldn't feel dirty. Or low. Or ashamed.

But still. It's Rachael Ray. Yech.


Osoroco said...

asparagus = stinky pee!

Viv said...

Weel, Damian is right. I think broccoli has a similar effect too. I might be wrong though. I share some of your ideas about RR. I find her personality overwhelming at times. Too out there for me sometimes. But I have to admit that sometimes she comes up with good recipes. Fattening, yes, but yummy sounding. So I watch her show sometimes. You know who I really like? Emeril. I like his personality and recipes although I think he should broaden his seasoning ingredients. Doesn't he get tired of just salt and pepper? I find "The Essence of Emeril" especially goo because of the recipes that he makes there. Just the other day he was putting together a French menu and the potato thing he made looked awesome.

Osoroco said...

did someone say emeril?

ほし said...

Well, I have to be honest, I've never experienced "smelly pee" with either broccoli or asparagus. Then again, I never smell anything in the bathroom. And I always have allergies so...

I have to admit, I don't really watch Emeril. I don't really watch anything on the Food Network. It makes me sad. The channel used to be good a couple of years ago, but they've dumbed it down for people who just want to watch other people cook, not people who want to cook.

Have you ever heard of Curtis Stone though? He's really good, he has a show on TLC called Take Home Chef. That said, I get most of my recipes off the internet. :p