Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Idiocracy, part 5,000

So I was browsing Endi.com to see if there was any relevant news when I spot on the most read "Sangrienta noche de boda," which means bloody wedding night. The subtitle of the story was "man shoots wife for her not being a virgin." And as I read the story, I could not stop myself from getting angrier and angrier. Basically, if I had run across a gamma ray, I'd probably already be She-Hulk. And on my way to that place to rip that motherfucker's dangly gonads off.

It just brings out and puts right into the spotlight the hypocrisy of religion, society, and the people that believe in such. Sure, we need some degree of order, but not this extreme kind of patriarchally chauvinist type of order. Was the man a virgin? Probably not. Then why does the girl have to be? What is it with this insane level of obsession, this need to possess the woman entirely.

Listen, I have no problems with people being virgins. Hell, it's wonderful. You don't have to worry about sexually transmitted diseases, about getting pregnant, about getting checked down there all the time. You don't have to engage in any of that! But I do have problems with people being virgins for reasons that just don't make sense. 

When people bring God into this, that's when it really pisses me off. Look, I respect your beliefs. Or, at least, I do my very best to try. But when you spout fanatical and patriarchal poppycock, it's really quite difficult for you to make your point without looking like a loon. Do you really know that God exists? Has he/she/both/it told you that he wants you not to engage in the mattress mambo because that will make you evil? 

Again, I try to respect people and their beliefs. After all, everyone is entitled to believe what they want. One of my closest friends has chosen to be a virgin until she gets married and, hey. That's great. That's her choice. I have problems with the reasoning behind it, but she has made her choice with those ideals in mind and we are still friends. I'm not going to kill her. Though if she deprives me of alcohol again, I might. Kidding.

The same applies for having sex for the wrong reasons. You're bored? Get some sort of hobby. Wait a while, for sweet mother of a monkey's sake. Wait until you've got your head on straight and at least some sense of responsibility. Have sex when you are willing and ready to assume the load it entails: sexual health, contraceptives, the physical, emotional, and psychological consequences, the risk of getting pregnant. If just reading that sentence makes you break out in hives and scream bloody murder, you're not ready to engage in the act of intercourse.

This may read like a rant. It probably is. It's just that when I read these things in the news, I wonder what kind of world we live in. And if I ever want to bring a kid to a place where these things happen. It makes me furious to think that there are places in the world where a woman has to be covered head to toe. Where a woman is "appraised" because she hasn't been touched by another man. Sweet Noodly Appendage, why? 

And I'd like to point out that I am not referring to any one religion in particular. Most religions are guilty of this kind of prejudice.

For those of you who would like to read the article, here it is. Be warned, it's in Spanish though:


Osoroco said...

I like that word, sounds harmless but it isn't
and as hard as you can try it can't sound bad.
sweet 8D

Viv said...

"poppycock" LOL!
But yes, viginity and patriarchy what a sweet combination. I once read this essay I don't remember by who (darn memory, or lack of, that I have) but it was a woman and she suggested to have all little (or baby?) girl's hymens surgically removed. Sounds radical, right? The author was being sarcastic when she suggested this. But think about it, it would be a blow to patriarchy. All those images of white, virginal women? Gone! All those young boy's dreams of breaking a virgin? Gone! Something to think about, huh?

Scizor said...

I've been ,meaning to rant about this exact same thing for so long. Thanks for allowing me to get rid of my frustration through your post. :D

ほし said...

Carlitos: OMFG! You're alive! Que bueno saber de ti, chico.

Vivi: Virginity and patriarchy together are some of the things that are just so horribly wrong in this world. But, if you think about it, promiscuity and radical feminism are just as bad. Society has yet to wrap its mind around the concept of meeting in the middle.

And, what the hell is it with this obsession of having virgins. I mean, I have no problems with the people who do it with the (honestly) sweet concept of giving themselves to one another. But, other people just do it for the sheer thrill of absolutely possessing a person.

We could totally go insane about this and talk forever. xD

Bear: Poppycock!