Sunday, June 01, 2008

Bargain hunting.

Also known as an excuse to take silly pictures of myself and post up outfits.

So faced with doing nothing all day (aka being stuck at home, alone), I decided to risk my luck with my dying car and venture out to Yauco. My aim was to hit up Marshall's to see if they had anything good, but I didn't find anything that made me go: oh yes, must buy. Plus, the one thing I did like was more expensive than the collective amount spent in all I bought. 

So we're starting with the most expensive article in the lot: the lavender shirt to the right. It's To the Max and it was 4.99. Pants are several months old from Old Navy, but I haven't worn them yet. 16.99.

Next up, this skirt! It's BCBGirls and it was only 1.99. Shirt is Old Navy and like the pants in the previous picture, several months old. 1.99 as well. I fully intend this to be one of my more casual summer outfits. After all, summer is about using the least amount of clothes possible without looking slutty. And without getting sunburn. Wear that SPF, kids!

By the way, the reason that my hand is at the waist: it isn't because I'm trying to be posing, it's because I'm so used to everything I wear having pockets, I was trying to find the pocket. But this skirt doesn't have any. Sadness!

Third, this dusty rose-colored dress. To the Max, 2.99! The snakeskin belt is from Marshall's, 3.00. I'm aware that the dress might make me look a little wider, but I think the dress is cute. I've discovered the wonders of the v-neck, and, how can I deny a dress with pockets?

And, have you noticed? In all the pictures I either have my hand tucked into a pocket or I'm trying to. I love pockets. Pockets are gift from the fashion lords. And from a preternatural being.

Crap, the pictures sort of get more unflattering as we go along. Anyway. Last article of clothing bought today: BCBGirls skirt, 2.99. I think the tank top is Guess and it has quite some years on it. Have no idea how much it cost. Probably 9.99 or something, I'm a miser, I know. 

Normally, I don't go for anything blue. Only extremely dark wash denim or super dark navy. I'm just not into blue. However, for 2.99, I figured this would make an extremely nice summer skirt. It's lightweight cotton so it's breezy.

All articles worn in this post (except where otherwise specified) where purchased at Rave. Yeah, I know. Stop shaking your head at me. 

Since I didn't have a job this semester, I definitely restrained myself shopping. I only bought something if I really liked it/needed it/knew it would get a lot of wear. In fact, that has been my shopping M.O. for quite a while now: shop on basis of cost per wear. And, sheesh, at how cheap these were, I totally am getting my money's worth. And so much more.

So, in addition to the articles featured here, I also purchased a candy bar (.54 cents), a necklace (.25 cents), nude nail polish (.99 cents), and blush (an entire dollar). With taxes, that brings the grand total to a whopping $16.84. Much less than the shirt I was drawn to at Marshall's.  

Anyway. So here we have one last outfit, a possible for this year's
 graduation. Not that I'm graduating. But a bunch of people are. Significant people. Like that significant other. And some of my significant friends. And I've actually been boggled about what to wear. Opinions?

So, details of the outfit: dress, J. Crew, totally bought at Salvation Army my friends. Salvation Army is The Awesome. I think it was 5 or 8 dollars. You're already acquainted with the belt, Marshall's, $3.00. Bag, Yves Saint Laurent Muse. Price? Guess. I most definitely did not pay full price for it. Because I'm a pennypincher. Shoes, Prada. $70. Off eBay, of course. The pooch is totally brought to you by not working out and being completely nonchalant and eating too much ice cream.

And, yes, I am aware that it is not a huge pooch and that there are people who are more out of shape than I am, but, indulge me. Meaning, don't go batshit in the comments. As someone who's been both overweight and then a total jock, so I definitely have a level of physical self-awareness.

So, to conclude, I'd like to add a few more things:

-Must stop watching Transformers, the movie. I mean, seriously. I know I totally watched it as a child, but...this is ridiculous.
-Haven't had lemonade in a while. Totally must make some soon. Tomorrow, perhaps?
-Possessed by urge to do a fruit tart. Hmm. Fruit tart. GO POOCH!
-Will totally put up belated Jarabe de Palo and Indie Music Festival picture post.
-Could not resist. Broke quarantine and let dogs in. Oops.

Sleep tight everyone.

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Millie said...

STELLA!! IT'S MILLIIEEEEE, oh God~! I was reading my old blog and saw a post about you. Google is the shit, I searched for "stella puerto rico yukoni" AND BAM! I found your new blog. You mustmustmust get in touch with me. My email is and my AIM is the same as always, Wearealltrash. Be sure to e-mail me or something. :)

- Millie