Saturday, June 09, 2007

Not itchy. Emo.

So yesterday I went to the orthopedist (since I've been having problems with my back and my knee and occasionally my hips) and I found out that I have osteoarthritis in my right knee. Fantastic. Now, before you say that I have a disease that belongs to a person of a certain age, osteoarthritis is very common in athletes, and since I used to work out obsessively, I qualify in that area.

Nonetheless, the orthopedist was surprised and a little bit concerned that someone so young and "so thin" (I'm quoting the orthopedist, I wouldn't say I'm so thin) has osteoarthritis. So, another set of rules to follow has been put in place for me. I have to work out, but I have to avoid running since that will do more damage to the knee. So recommended exercises are walking, speed walking, biking, and swimming. He really emphasized swimming so I might try that...

I also have to take more pills. Glucosamine, for the knee. This brings my daily pill intake to four pills: Celexa, Risperdal, vitamins, and now, glucosamine. Wee. I am Medicated Woman. You will not hear me roar.

For my scoliosis, the doctor told me to do abs. It won't get worse, since I've stopped growing, but I have to strengthen my stomach and back muscles. So now I have to do abs. My boyfriend is thrilled about it, since it means I'm forced to work out and he's been trying to get me to work out for ages. I'm not thrilled about working out. I'm lazy. And if you're asking where the workout junkie in me went, I don't know either.

In other news, my psychiatrist wants me to keep a diary. '.' I'm not thrilled about it. I'm just so sick of going to the psychiatrist and the psychologist and I made sure to tell her. She told me that those feelings were completely normal, but that I should keep being responsible and continue attending my appointments. Sigh.

The whole keeping a diary thing reminds me, for some reason, to Charlotte's vulvodinia experience in Sex and the City. But instead of itchy today, not itchy today, mine's going to be emo today...not emo today. Fun.

Besides these medical updates, I've been shopping lately. Not any extraordinary purchases, but some cheap cute ones. Yesterday I got a pair of salmon pink pumps for six dollars! I'm very proud. They're so cute. The shape of the shoe, I love it so much that I vowed to one day, when I have money, have it made into a real leather shoe. (Because, people, it's a Payless shoe. Don't be hatin'.)

I'll be sure to post up pictures of my recent purchases soon. Other than that, I think I've covered the past couple of days. Unless y'all want to know that I've been using my iPod. Which I have. It just keeps surprising me with yummy indie rock goodness.

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