Thursday, June 21, 2007

On the subject of beauty.

As mom was rifling through a pile of pictures, she plucked out an old photo of her and her sisters when they were young. As always, I told my mom she was the prettiest there (and I don't say that because she's my mother, I say that because I mean it). Her two sisters, my aunts, have gone on to have numerous plastic surgeries to look as different as possible from that picture. Why? They look even worse now, with their fake body parts.

I know I shouldn't judge, but it upsets me. Why spend thousands of dollars on fixing things that were already fine to begin with? I'm not going to lie, when I was growing up, I hated my nose. My grandmother used to pinch it to make it thinner and from then on, I have the notion that my nose is huge.

My cousin has also had plastic surgery but hers was necessary. She survived a near fatal car accident and she needed to have her nose fixed, as it was damaged in the accident. That sort of plastic surgery I can defend, even applaud. She fixed something that needed fixing, and not out of pure desire to look prettier.

I know I shouldn't be one to talk, since I don't consider myself pretty at all and I have a million and one hangups about my face and my body, but I accept myself the way that I am. I don't want to go under the knife to "fix" my face. I think I'm fine as is. My nose drives me nuts at times, but I would not have rhinoplasty to make it thinner: then it wouldn't be me. It would be another cookie cutter nose. My nose, my teeth, even my broken from birth ear lobe make me, me.

We should all just embrace ourselves, hangups and all. After all, these are the only bodies we've got. Why spend time fighting them with surgery when we should embrace them by treating them right? Why have a liposuction when you can exercise? All I'm saying is that we should accept ourselves. I accept my freaky nose, my tiny goofy teeth, my ear lobe, my flat chest. Hell, I even accept the fact that I look like a bald person at times, with all the hair that falls out (but I will at some point do something about it). I don't accept my poochy stomach, but I can do something about that. I'm just too lazy. And too accepting! :P

Embrace your natural beauty, dammit! (Photo courtesy of my man, Damian)

(And I just know that my boyfriend is going to use several of the things I've said here against me the next time I complain, "but I'm so ugly!" Oh well, the price I have to pay to rant.)


Osoroco said...

I hate my nose too you know.
The motherfucker starts flowing like a fire hydrant at times. TP clogs are the only slution.
not a fun or pretty sight.

ほし said...


Pues our children are screwed! Fire hydrant nose y mi nariz de prieta! :P

nyd said...

beauty is in the eye of the beholder...