Monday, June 18, 2007

Taking care of business.

So this morning I woke up bright and early, like I always do. But instead of vegging around, I decided to be productive. I e-mailed my thesis director with an update of what I have and what I'm up to, and I explicitly asked him to annoy me into writing my proposal. I need to get this done because otherwise, I'll never finish thesis and graduate!

I also wrote to my boss?/ex-boss? at Pastiche to know what the crack is up with Pastiche and about the poem she said she was going to publish in another magazine. We'll see how that goes.

And basically, I returned every other e-mail that I owed to people. :)

Today, mom and I will have lunch with the women on her side of the family. This promises to be interesting, if not a bit hectic. The females haven't gotten together in a long time, and this time, my cousin will bring her newborn with her, Esteban.

Other than that, I was sick during the weekend. And Damian and I got a new toy. And it is called Hitsuji. :) Yay for sheep!

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