Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I need a job.

If my lips keep chapping like they do, I might just have to get a job for all the Chapstick and Vaseline I'll have to buy to stop them from chapping.

Or I could upgrade to this:
La Mer Lip Balm 8D Yeah, I know. I'm being horrible. But hey, I've heard it's actually very good. Only thing is that it's 45 dollars. And I don't have a disposable income to justify such a purchase.

Oh well. I miss having a job and having my disposable income, but I'm holding on having a job until the start of the semester. I need to veg out, but I also want the money so I can be able to veg out properly.

I've been working this week on sowing a dress I've had for a year. It needed a lining, so I'm finally providing it. It's a DKNY dress I bought in New York last year for 9.99 8D At Neiman Marcus Sale store. :)

Anyway, just a random fluff post so everyone knows that I'm alive.

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