Tuesday, March 06, 2007


La Mer.
Originally uploaded by chromachord.
I'm currently sitting here at work, with nothing to do besides surf around the internet. I'm having a bad moment right now and I decided to blog instead of focus on the flurry of thoughts going through my head.

I think I've created a monster. Damian is watching waaaaay too much Ali G and I suggested that he dress up as Ali G in Halloween and this might happen. Oh. Dear.

Anyway, here is a pic taken over the weekend when D and I went to Rincón. And to notify that there are new pictures on my Flickr account. Everybody, go to my Flickr account!


nyd said...

Nice pictures!!!! you and klo should go into buisness together. Really. Very nice and pleasing.

K said...

yay pics galore ... wohooo..
very pretty by the way !