Thursday, March 01, 2007

Behind piles of paper.

These past three days, I've made more phone calls than I've possibly ever made in my life. Since I'm the one in charge of the office for today and next week, I've been given the task of contacting every bookstore in the country. Woo! However, the office has staged a rebellion. The printers are being wonky, we don't know where the white paper is so we're using gray, and the storage's AC unit arrived but I don't know when it'll be installed.

Oh well.

Also, I'm horribly alone today since the secretary is sick and the other editors are either having surgery performed on them or doing a presentation. (The other assistant editor is pregnant and undergoing a procedure to ensure that she doesn't lose the baby.) There's something jinxed with this office since somebody always either has allergies or is sick. Or is being attacked by the storage room.

I've been having a nasty headache on and off for the past four days. It might be the office lights, the glare of the monitor, or just plain overwork. Bleh.

And I 'm so wonked I almost forgot to say: Happy Birthday Klo! Wee!

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Tovi said...

hmmm, the office sounds like short movie material!