Thursday, March 29, 2007

I still breathe.

Juego con las palomas.
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Here is one of my favorite pictures from my weekend trip to San Juan. I like how the kid is just horribly enjoying himself harassing the pigeons. :D

I had a good time in San Juan, of course, that could be because I was accompanied by my man. :D But now it's back to ye olde grind of school and work. This week has been particularly nasty since I got a bit of a reprimand about unfinished tasks. Tasks I couldn't finish because things happened that did not permit me to finish, but, oh well. They're done now.

Spring Break is coming up and I have to work (since jornal has to work until wednesday). I shall not complain: I'm getting paid well enough for this job. Eso si, I really don't like answering machines.

So anyway. Go visit my Flickr account. :D

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Myko Kitsune said...

I saw the pictures, they are great. I hope that you and Damian can have a great springbreak together. Gimme a call when you can so we can finally coordinate about the clothes.
Be Well.