Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I now officially hang out with Jack Sparrow.

In a blow to Tovi's blog-reading, I will once again talk about fashion. Yes, brace yourself man!

Anyway. I finally got the boots I've been waiting around for close to three months. And they are quite nice, may I say. They are from Hot Topic, which makes me cringe a little, but they were 15 dollars from 60, so who am I to complain. They're slouchy brown leather with a buckle in the back, so mind you, I feel quite piratey. I might go "yarr" more than usual in these.

I also went ahead and put in an order to Urban Outfitters, despite my many bitchings about their overcharging to Puerto Rico. Let's face it, I need tights, and there's no way that I'm going to find those here. I ordered two pairs, just in case Ki-chan can't find any for me in VA. Plus, I got a leather clutch so I can switch around between the new one and the one I always haul around.

Back to regularly scheduled conversations about my work life, today we had a talk about "how I feel at the work place." Apparently, depression is causing me to grimace more than usual because the assistant editor was scared that I didn't like my job. Which isn't true! I do enjoy this job, it allows me to gain experience in the world of book and magazine publishing and editing, which is one of my possible work routes. (If Marc Jacobs doesn't give me a job, ha.) However, I do admit that most of the time, my brain wanders off and wallows in my depression and that obviously will be reflected in my face. Which was misinterpreted by my co-worker. Oh well.

We're supposed to take an exam to tonight's class, but, you know, I haven't taken an exam in, oh, two years. Nor have I given one, since I am not a teacher. I could try searching for one in the internet, but I'm just not motivated enough. Wee.

I got another book yesterday: Latin Looks: Images of Latinas and Latinos in the U.S. Media. I was only able to leaf through it, but what I managed to read was pretty interesting. It's for my thesis (or the thesis I have planned so far), so we'll see how I manage to squeeze it in. I have an idea of how to, but I'll see if it pans out.

And tonight there's Mythbusters. WITH DOG MYTHS. This just may be the best Mythbusters episodes ever after the Pirate Special. Yep!

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