Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but one of my uncles is from Croatia. Formerly known as Yugoslavia. In between calling me "pretty devil," "pretty gypsy" and/or "gypsy devil," (and he calls my cousin and I this since we are dark haired and dark eyed) he often tells me that I must go to Croatia. I've been interested since the get go (my only concern being the language since I speak zero Croatian. And, between us, the language doesn't look easy!), but now, as time passes and I see more and more beautiful pictures of this country, my desire to go grows more. Maybe the next time I go to Europe, I'll sneak in a stop there, so I can stay at my uncle's condo. Look at that picture on the left and tell me Croatia isn't, at the very least, quite charming!

(Edit: Oh sweet God, I just checked prices for airfare and they're quite high, so I guess Croatia will have to wait until I have a more substantial income!)

As far as my cold, I am feeling better. Must've been the rigorous regimen of water, orange juice, garlic pills, vitamins, rest and Ricola!

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Tovi said...

Entonces creo que te interesara el blog de este muchacho:

Trabajaba con Jenny en Apple y se fue para alla de intercambio. Muchas fotos de Croacia.