Sunday, November 05, 2006

Secret agenda.

So I've been playing catch up with all my academic issues this weekend. So far, I revised my now nine page SLA essay due tomorrow, worked on seven portfolios, and read up on the info missing for the portfolios. I haven't touched any of the reading for Theory and Criticism, I guess I'll do that on Tuesday. >.>

I'm feeling better, but I'm not going to lie, there are moments of paranoia and anxiety. Right now, I'm amping myself up to kick this semester in the ass. Only four weeks left, might as well go all the way.

The chair of my thesis committee is really excited about my thesis subject and he's already talking to me about it. And I'm supposed to start it in August of next year. Well, at least that means I have support and I will be arsed into finishing on time!

Supposedly, labor on the Consultation Committee will be done this month. How true this is depends on whether we actually agree on a candidate or not. We'll see. I finally understand why some students just give up caring about their departments. After seeing all the inner conflict and infantile behavior displayed by department members, anyone would be disheartened. (And this is common knowledge, I'm not divulging anything from any meeting, before anyone tries to dooce me.)

Anyway, as for the secret agenda mentioned in the title, it's my boyfriend's. Well, it's not too secret: he plans on installing Quake on my Mac. He even got me a mouse so I could play it and found me llama and T-800 character skins so I could get into it! Ha! Nah, but I know he does it to give me something to get distracted with so I don't get anxious. But sometimes I wonder...maybe he just wants me to join the Dark Side...of Gamers, that is. :P

Mom got me a Top 10 London guide so I can brush up on things to do when I'm over there next summer (if everything goes well). I'm excited but also scared. Which reminds me, I haven't e-mailed the Cambridge people. >.> Oops. Oh well, I think near breakdowns are excusable. x.x

By the way, does anybody know if Bluefly is going to have a Thanksgiving sale? Because there is a pair of Delman shoes that is just singing a siren song at me. >.>


K said...

*going bijigity*
No no no no no no no no no ..No Quake on mu nephew !!!! No bad Stella ! don't leave me please, you ar just going to go into the light like J and D and be one of them and leave me all alone !!!!
*cries histerically*

K said...

Oh and by the way .. you see, your mom sounds to be nicer and comprehensive now tight ... I hope so and i hope your doing better...
But seriously NO QUAKE ON MACS!

K said...

where it says tight it should be right .... sorry ... i didn't sleep well... ijijij

Viv said...

Goooooooo Stella! Four more weeks girl, four more weeks :)

Myko Kitsune said...

Way to go!!!!Yay Quake!!
Do anything you have to do in order to keep your sanity, remember that if there is no more Stella, nothing else matters.So if Quake is what you want, Quake is what you should get, I myself am hooked up with MK Armaggedon.It's really cool.

ほし said...

Thanks Viv. :)

Ven, Snoopy me entiende. I need something to distract me otherwise my brain will implode. And since shopping really isn't an option (with my bulging closet and limited budget), gaming is my closest release.

Tovi said...

You guys should start playing True Combat Elite. It's an open source game (FREE) for Mac, Windows and Linux. I started playing this weekend and its pretty good. Reminds me of the KYPO LAN parties.

PLEASE PLEASE so I can play with you guys!!!