Friday, November 10, 2006

All I want in life is a shirt dress.

Well, I want other things too. Marriage, kids, a job I enjoy and pays very well. But, I really want a shirt dress.

Ever since I saw one on Sofia Coppola, it was love and jealousy. I wanted one of those dresses. Yet I couldn't find them. Cannot, to this day. They elude me, like the answer to the meaning of life and the winning lottery ticket.

Twice I've come close, and twice I have failed. Once, I didn't buy it because I was too skinny and the dress was too big (I should've bought it, it's not like my underweightness would last forever) and then, not so long ago, it was too short and tight. Woe, when will I find thee, oh perfect shirt dress.

My only hope is finding one a) online b) next time I go to New York c) in Europe. But, I want a shirt dress, damn it.

In other shopping news, Aldo is officially on my Shit List. Yes, with upper case letters, people. I went again to try to get The Boots (you know, slip on, yummy, odorous, supple leather high heeled boots) and, once again, they don't have them in a size ten. The attendants kind of freaked because they know I've gone to the store several times and they have not been able to step up to the plate. I'm really disappointed. Tsk tsk.

I guess I'll either have to wait for them to actually bring a pair of shoes in size ten or wait till I travel to try to find a pair. Sigh.

I still remember the Shoe Massacre in Spain. No shoe fit me. Sigh. The problem with my feet (and legs) is that, well, I have size 10-11 feet. Hard to find size. The other problem is that the leg part of boots is always huge on me since, compared to my shoe size, my legs are very thin. *shakes fist* Someday, I will find the perfect boot.

Wow, this has been a very fashion-heavy post.


Viv said...

Mariage!? Gulp! I just had a cow.

Ok. Moving on to fashion. Have you tried the Gap for the shirt dress? Not right now since its winter time and teh Gap is full of sweaters and turtlenecks (typical of this time of the year). Keep an eye out because they always come back for Spring and Summer time.

As for boots... hmmmm... I would suggest a trip to Plaza and going to Macy's. Is there a Nine West store in Plaza? I don't recall. They always have yummy boots.

ほし said...

xD Vivi, calm down...nobody's getting married anytime soon, ok?

I'll try to be patient and wait to see if I find anything in stores, but if I don't, I will whip out my trusty sowing kit and make one. Desperation, people, desperation.

I don't remember if there's a Nine West in Plaza either. :S Either way, I'll wait to see if Aldo delivers. If not, then...I have no idea. x.x

K said...

Duddetes .. you must chill...!

Ok on the shirt dress facto, no worry leave it to Boobie K.lo and she will find thee one.

Fuck Aldo man, I've gone already too many times to count and the dude there gave me he phne number so that I'd stop going...I WANT MY LEOPARD PUMPS MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!

Viv said...

Ah, thaks Stella. Don't scare me like that girl.

KLo: have you checked Guess? Check December's Lucky and see the ad they have there. The pumps the model has look really cute.

I'll be on the lookout for a cute shirt dress for boobie Stella too :)

Anonymous said...

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