Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Blogging replaces studying.

Dear God, how many times have I seen Terminator and Terminator 2? Turns out they've been playing them over and over again because it's election time and The Governator might be in the running. Heh. Oh well, the one I really want to see again is Rise of the Machines, but they're not playing it anywhere. Hmm. Am I actually going to have to rent it?

I have to rent Blade Runner and A.I. for my last two portfolios. I've seen Blade Runner, but I can't recall much detail. And A.I. I just don't want to see. The movie was so depressing.

Anyway, I've tried reading for Theory & Criticism and once again, my brain implodes. I don't know if it's because I've been up and down lately or if it's because of the class. I think it might be the class, since I'm ok reading for my Special Topics class, but I do have difficulty concentrating. Hmm.

One of my professors/thesis committee members has been trying to get me a job (since I am underemployed, people) ever since I mentioned to her the problems with Pastiche. She told me about a position at the beginning of the semester, but I didn't accept it because I still had hope that Pastiche would rise again. But now, it's pretty dead and I need another job. Cambridge isn't free and I'm not sure the university will give us a lot of money. So the professor approached me again with another position! Hopefully, I will get this one. Keep your fingers crossed, everyone.

Remind me again why Medieval Literary Theory is necessary? *sighs*


Anonymous said...

Don't be so specific as to reject Medieval Literary Theory... but ask the question right.

Why is freaking plain Literary Theory necessary?

K said...

I am Officially freaked about the fact that everytime i read your blog its something negative ....Do I have to go back and be the negative one so you van be happy and stress free again ??? I f so let me know as soon as possible... thanks!

P.S. Lighten up ok boobie I'm starting to worry... more !!!

Myko Kitsune said...

Medieval Lit. is important because master Haydock says so.....
*It's saying that or being whipped*
jaja. Cheer up