Monday, November 29, 2010

The morning of our discontent.

The morning of the statement tights outfit, what I ended up wearing was not what I started out with. I was originally going to try for a louder outfit, but it just didn’t work. I changed my top half around twice, which is not a lot, but drove Damián nuts. (Sorry Damián, I am going to bring this up!) I wanted something to accentuate my waist in this outfit since I was wearing a sleeveless cardigan that wasn’t very tailored. He doesn’t like me wearing belts. And then he drops the bomb,

You’re just going to work. It’s not fashion.

And so I whirled my head at him aghast. What? What did you just say to me, sir?

I know he meant well, but here’s the thing. How many of us have gone through shitty moments at work and all that’s getting us through is good fashion, good friends, and a jelly donut? Sometimes we need to look good for ourselves, not just for our job. It’s for our well-being. A peek at our amazing shoes, crazy tights, or yummy details on our top or bottom can help distract us from a lousy day. I know that for many people it’s just clothes, but for a great deal more, clothes can make or break a mood. Even my boy isn’t exempt from fashion: he loves his Calvin Klein!

So, bottom line: next time you see your significant other struggling to look fab, don’t tell them it’s just work or clothes. To them it may mean a whole lot more and could make a difference in how they present themselves to the world. To them, a crappy outfit may bring them down. So help them figure it out. Just make sure that if you’re running out of time, be tactful! ;)

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Arash Mazinani said...

Great post! You make a really valid point about dressing for yourself I think thats the most important thing. But dressing good for work is also crucial as it says a lot about yourself. If you put an effort in people will notice.