Friday, November 19, 2010

Everything's going to the dogs.

Ever since I can remember, I would ask my parents for a dog. Everyday. Every single day! I'd beg, plead, promise to feed, bathe, and brush the dog (or dogs, I wasn't going to reject multiple canines). All this to no avail. The parental units didn't want to get dogs. Specially after the death of their beloved German Sheperd Savage, just a mere 6 months after I was born. They wanted to spare me the pain they went through when they lost him. So, no dogs were allowed. I had fish (one of them was suicidal: he kept jumping out of the fish tank until we weren't able to save him), chickens, and ducks. I had a cat for 2 weeks and then they found it another home.

However, I hadn't given up though. I still asked my parents for a dog everyday. Until I gave up. 13 years (well, not 13 years exactly....more like 10) of asking had taken their toll so I gave up. And then Chewy showed up.


He sneaked into my father's workplace and dad found him in the morning. Chewy (short for Chewbacca) has now been living with us for 14 years. He's an old grumpy butt, but we love his old grumpy butt. 2 years after that, this later lady arrived. Meet Maya.


She came to us during Hurricane Georges passing over Puerto Rico. At first, she would stand in front of our house and wait for us to go pet her. Then she would start sneaking in until she disappeared one day. My mother felt so bad that she swore to take care of her if she returned. And so Maya showed up and stayed home forever. With the exception of those occasional times she'd escape to chase chickens down the road. Yay!

We'd thought we were done with being dog adopted, but we were a couple short. One day at school, I saw this little one about to get run over and took her home. I fully meant to find her a place. I just didn't know (secretly wished it, though) that it would be mine. This is Patch.


Finally, one day, I got home and this little one was waiting by the door. You may know him! This little red devil is Genghis.


You may have noticed that I said dog adopted, not adopting dogs. I mean that. The dogs showed up and chose us as their family. We sort of had no say in the matter. We couldn't say no. Not that we really wanted to :) I mean, how could you wanted to dismiss them?



Give in to sleep.


arash said...

I take it you're a dog person. My GF has a gorgeous chocolate labrador called milo and i think they're getting another puppy this winter.

myedit said...

I reeeeeallly want a dog but after I conned Matt into adopting 3 cats, I should probably give him a break. Your dog family is spectacular!
ps. I got thrifting to lift a bad mood too but that's because we're hardcore!

Stella said...

Arash: Heh, yes, most definitely! I wish I could get another dog, but we can't. :/

Myedit: Thank you for the compliments on my doggie fam! Hahah, how did you con him? I just kept arguing that I didn't have a choice, the dog showed up on my doorstep. How could I possibly turn him away? ;)

Yay hardcore thriftage!