Monday, July 13, 2009

The weird dreams continue.

So I've mentioned before my unfortunate and continuing nightmares featuring terminators. Well, this morning they got even better...

I dreamt that the Kyle Reese character and Michael Jackson were both my fathers. And we were trying to run away from the terminators. My dreams just keep getting randomer and randomer. And Christian Bale isn't there to save me anymore. Shit.

(I don't think Damian likes the Christian Bale part.)

Anyway. Another recent crazy dream featured Clive Owen and Damian. Clive Owen wanted to marry me. So clearly, my subconscious is a little haywire lately.

(I don't think Damian likes the Clive Owen part either. Oh well!)

I'm a bit tired and definitely wondering what rollercoaster ride tonight's sleep will bring, hopefully not nightmares of job interviews. I think today's interview went well and I sincerely hope I did not just shoot (hell, blow my damn foot off) myself on the foot by saying that. At the very least, I thank them very much for their time (and patience with my getting lost).

And now, to sleep. If not sleep, then do some DIY patterns or sowing. I'm so inspired (or at least, driven) lately!

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