Thursday, July 09, 2009

Trinity ring.

Is that what they're called?

Either way, I've always wanted one, but I've always felt that that's something you should give or receive, as I've been taught that they represent infinity/eternity and that's something you usually associate with love.

Or what I've been told can be a barrel full of baloney for all I know.

If you're interested, this version is from Forever 21, and only $2.80! I may just give up and get one myself if I find myself in San Juan when they open with three dollars to spare.

And totally justify the purchase by saying that the love one has for oneself must/should exceed the love with invest in other people. But then, isn't that something one says to justify when they're too deep in?


nyd said...

i think that if you feel you want it you should get it for yourself. why do you have to wait for someone to get it for you? you are a hard working woman who deseves it. You can claim to love yourself and respect yourself for eternity....what do you think?

ほし said...

Oh I agree. I will probably get myself some sort of significant piece of jewelry if I get a good job.

But sometimes it's nice to get something charged with meaning, no? :)