Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Style wants.

A couple of style desires that have been occupying my mind lately.

First, the Ikea Knappa lamp. Hell, the series.
I've been wanting one for ages and apparently nobody lives near enough an Ikea to get me one. I also like the floor lamp, but this one is the one that is calling to me like a siren to a sailor. Seriously. And now, a cafe in my town has them and I am going insane. I need this lamp. Yes.

Another style desire is a sequined long-sleeve mini dress. Not so mini that I breathe and my lady parts are exposed to the world, but short enough so I can prance around in heels and feel absolutely fun.

Next, a lace dress. No, no...none of that Prada stuff. I actually disliked that line immensely. I would like a 50's style shift with a lace overlay...I can dream, I can dream...

Also, white! White, white, white! No, I'm not being elitist, but I've always wanted a white blazer, a white pencil skirt, and white pants. I actually have a white blazer (second hand, thank you Salvation Army), but I have to line it. I have white pants, but they are linen. I'd like something that could pass off as a fabulous suit. And I have not found a white pencil skirt, which makes me sad. One of my (sillier to some) life list wishes is to have clothes tailor made for me in Hong Kong. Guess this will be one of those projects.

Feather print or feather covered shoes. Yes, a bit morbid, but ever since I saw them on Style Bubble I have lusted. Oh and how. Maybe if I tried them on, my cravings would be satisfied. I guess I like weird stuff.

Zippers: I want a solid black (or white; wait, how about both? or gray?) dress with an exposed zipper going down the entire back. My word, one of my classmates wore a style like this and I almost murdered her to take the garment off her body. I need a dress like this, but no one has zippers long enough for me to make this! I'd also like a blazer with zipper trim.

I'd also like a fabulous job in which I could prance around with all my dream outfits. And while we're at it, fairy godparents, how about a nice sewing machine too?

Ah, fantasies...

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Ilu said...

Cuando te vayas a comprar esa lampara, por favor, piensa en mi tambien y traeme una!!! jajajaja esta bella!!!