Thursday, February 12, 2009


As promised, I will tell you about my weekend. It may appear to be nothing out of this world to some, but to me it was pretty terrifying.

Then again, I have a penchant for dramatic reactions.

I did not mention it here, but I was chosen to participate in a local (local meaning everybody from the island) graphic design contest called Comando-S (Command-S), sponsored by Scion, Coca-Cola, and El Nuevo Día, the biggest of the local newspapers. Needless to say, I was dropping my contents.

The day of the competition arrived and I was so nervous that, honestly, I felt like crying. When they called our round up and my computer's Photoshop was being a pain, I was on the border of bowing out. For the record, I don't remember anything of what I said when I was asked to step up the microphone. And if anybody reading this does know, don't remind me. Let that remain forever blurred from my memory! But I figured I have to soldier on and do what I had to do.

I lost.

According to the judge I spoke, it was a difficult decision. I came in second. I admit that I forgot to add another element, which was a requirement, so that probably was one, if not the, determining factor. Obviously I was distraught, but at the same time I kept telling myself that, hey. I did something. I managed to calm myself down and keep my cool after my initial nervous episode; despite an overeager photographer clicking away. (Apparently, I'm the only female that has participated in the competition so far.)

Still, it was an important step for me. I have a nasty tendency to either quit or to soldier on until I'm beating a dead horse. And I didn't quit. I'm keeping on! I've had two more people procure my design services and am expecting another project to come up soon. Which is quite, quite good.

However, the day of the contest I needed a cheer, so I went to Charlotte Russe (which was conveniently located steps away from the competition locale) and shopped some pain away. But I will post pictures of that later. Too tired right now. (Seems that's all I say nowadays...sad.)

But I will not leave you empty-handed! I do have a work outfit picture to put up. This features a shirt that Keyla was all: please explain that to me. Because we both wear things that a lot of people would consider peculiar, but to her, this seemingly took the cake. Behold my pink shirt. When I go pink, I go burn your eyes out pink.

Shirt: Salvation Army, .50.
Skirt: Old Navy, $5.00.
Necklace: Marianne, $3.25 for set.
Shoes: Marc Jacobs, $45.00.
Bracelets: Can't tell, probably thrifted!

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K said...

Very nice outfit Stellita ... Love the shoes ...You've done me proud ...!!!