Friday, February 20, 2009

If we were in a relationship...

...this blog would have abandoned my arse ages ago, seriously.

How are you all? Hope everything is good and that I was sorely missed (I can dream!). I've been ridiculously busy with school, thesis, and freelance design projects. Oh, and presentation papers. Thankfully all design projects are finished. Now just to deal with those nasty little papers and thesis.

No picture now, but a to-do list to remind myself of everything to do before next week, preferrably tomorrow:

-wash clothes
-pack said clothes
-finish supernatural advertising paper
-cook for potluck (me and my mouth...)
-FIND IPOD CABLE FOR THE LOVE OF DIOR, WOMAN (seriously, I need to update my music)
-pray for magical battery replacement to fall lightly from the sky and onto my laptop (it won't)
-e-mail friends about replacement course
-find 1gb XD card that's in my room somewhere
-use graphic tablet at some point (Damian got it for me as a V-day present and I've been so busy I haven't been able to properly use it yet. Je suis horrible!)
-try on clothes for Saturday, see if I still fit in damn dress. If not, find emergency back-up plan
-start drafting itineraries
-e-mail questions for freelance design jobs! CALL SCHOOL.
-magically regain all muscle tone and lose all fluff that developed over Christmas. Unless a radioactive spider bites me, this will not happen. Shit.

I think that's it...more things will probably crop up, they always do.

Will do a better update soon, promise! Till then, I bid you adieu. Good night!

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