Thursday, February 05, 2009


Things that I've been craving lately (they would all make lovely Valentine's presents for me!):
Giles and Brother Tiny Fly Earrings, $65.00. These are great. Totally out of left field. Damian likes them too, but he assures me that many onomatopoeic jokes about flies buzzing would happen.

The Orphan Collection Top at Common Threadz, $38.00. All proceeds of this shirt go to feeding an orphan for a month.

Forever 21 necklace, $6.80.

I need that necklace in my life seriously...Definitely look up the Common Threadz website! I have to admit, I don't feel comfortable with how they display the children ( I don't know, it kind of feels exploitative to me) and if you feel compelled help them out by buying a shirt. I know I will when I can.

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Brook and Lyn said...

Tiny fly earring...hehehe...
BTW I answered your question on my comment box. Take a look later. Sorry for the extra work.