Sunday, February 01, 2009

Standing at the bottom, staring at the climb.

I'm sure you've noticed that outside of the Valentine's Guide, I haven't really posted anything lately. Sorry! Unfortunately, I haven't had any time. I'm buried under a design project, papers, class, and, of course, my lovely darling monster thesis. I think I may have mentioned the design project earlier, but I didn't want to go too much into it. Thankfully, I'm close to finishing it up. I guess this is my first official design job? I had to do design for Pastiche too, but...somehow this feels more real to me, more official?

Anyway. Turns out that not only was I going to design the posters, program, and promotional postcard, but also a banner that will be hung over the lobby in the main building. I am shitting my pants right now. There is no other way to say it! Exciting! Ridiculous pictures of me with googly eyes staring at the poster may follow. :)

Here's a little blurb about the conference and the poster from my department's webpage.
For some reason the picture looks a little strange...oh well. You get the gist of it, no?

Another factor in my lack of posts is the fact that my camera is being even more problematic. That and I have to buy yet another round of rechargeable batteries. Also, I'm preparing for the dreaded tour that will commence in less than three weeks. Mind you, it's not a real tour, but I will be traveling and working.

I'm just very tired and afraid, looking at all the things that I have to do in these upcoming months. The urgency of it all and the swiftness in which post-grad life is creeping up upon me is ridiculous. I've sworn myself into finishing this summer, but how will that go? What comes after? I know that I shouldn't plan that ahead, but I want something I can look forward to. A certainty of land amidst the sea of chaos that is my life right now.

Oh well. Enough poetics. Hopefully will post more. And fix camera!

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