Sunday, June 29, 2008

What I did last night.

There were penises involved.

Many penises, as you can see.


(Wow, I'm going to get the worst referrals from Google.)

Last night was my friend Jennifer's bridal shower. Dear flying owner of a noodly appendage, I had never seen so many penises in one room. And these are the discreet pictures, mind you. There was Pin the Penis on the Hunk and there was a set of XXX rated playing cards. There were penises on the cake! Oh my.

It was my first bridal shower, I guess that's why I was in so much shock? They were actually planning on having a stripper, but the bride-to-be was against so no stripper. I think that would've been too much for me. But all in all, it was a good time.

Excuse my lack of articulate expression, but I'm still kind of asleep. That, and I have spent barely a day in my house this week! Even today, I must dash off to meet with the girls at the mall. But before I leave, I bestow upon you all, my dear readers, a picture of the bride.

Her face wisely away from the camera, here is Jennifer, the future bride. With a penis veil and a penis diadem. A light-up penis diadem. Which I took video of, because it had a particular light show routine. (But I'm not putting that up here. Sorry.)


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Scizor said...

OMG. So many penises all over. You'd think the décor would be one involving bride stuff. XD