Monday, April 25, 2011

What a Slouch: A Lesson in Posture

After years of being hunched over like a stereotypical villain (Mr. Burns comes to mind), I decided to get my act together and stand up straight. My efforts in bettering my posture, and thus, alleviating the pain of my scoliosis, bad knee, and foot injury, are not evident in this picture.

Bad Stella.

Let this be a lesson to all on the importance of posture. See how I look? I look like I've shrunk, like I have a pooch (and I mean belly, not canine), and my shoulders are all hunched to the front. Not flattering at all. Stand up straight, flaunt what you've got. It's also part of a good workout! Above all, it indicates confidence. And, really, is there anything more flattering than being confident in yourself?

I have no excuse for my posture in this picture other than the fact that I was dead tired. Long day at work, still getting used to new schedule. Also, working out every energy levels, oh, they aren't what they used to be!

On to the outfit...some time ago, my mom gave me several bags of her clothes to sort through and classify. Some we'll sale at a little garage sale we're planning, and others, many others, I chose to keep. I've shorted and taken in several, this dress being one of them. I have fond memories of my mom in these clothes. Plus, by wearing them, I'm reminded of her. It's funny. When you're younger, you want to be cool and grow up, and run away from your parents. Now, I treasure the time we spend together. And I miss my parents! Specially now that mom and I thrift together. And dad and I can have adult conversation. While I drink wine.

The dress is a little on the conservative side, that's why I decided to throw it in the mix of things. Some boots, leggings, and a striped top; we're back in business. I can feel my funky side flowing into my work wardrobe a bit. Since I started my new job, I've played it a little safe (after all, my m.o. for clothes -and life- is loud and proud) because I don't want to gauge anyone's eyes out while they're still getting to know me. But little by little,yes...I will bring my prints...I will bring my flowers. I will bring my mustard pleated vintage pants with patent high heeled oxfords. And I will rock.

Bring it!

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