Friday, April 22, 2011

Flowers and Smiles

My apologies for the lighting in this pic. Our house is odd, barely catches any sun (which, really, is good because it's nice and cool pretty much all day), and the best room to take pictures is our office upstairs. Which is an unmitigated mess, really. So, apologies. We'll get our acts together so I can take my pictures outside or inside the office with the pretty light.

By the way, those chew toys on the ground? Genghis, not me. Even though he has his little basket of toys and he knows the toys go in there. Oh well, it was late at night.

This outfit is a little old, but variants of it have been my uniform lately, pretty much. I'm addicted to cardigans, belts, and flowers. Oh, and boots, but boots are forever and ever my torrid, star-crossed affair. But, flowers, give me more flowers, give me ALL THE FLOWER PRINT THAT YOU CAN. My mother thinks this is hilarious, since when I was little, I hated everything stereotypically girlie. Damián says that all these years with him have softened my heart, and so I'm more open to things. Like flowers. Heh.

Whatever it is, give me more. More flowers that is!

Cardigan: Old Navy, super mega sale.
Top: PacSun, also super mega sale
Belt: Garage sale
Bracelet: Valentine's Day gift, Damián
Skirt: Fleamarket
Boots: Nine West,

PS. This entire outfit cost less than $40.00, including shipping for the boots. Yeah, you read right. The cardigan was $2.50, top was $4.99, belt was .25, skirt .10, and boots $29.99. Score!

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