Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Barely There

Another work day, another outfit. Actually, this outfit stressed me out a bit. I love this dress, but it's too...proper? Prim? Charlotte? for me, so I always try to funk it up. It has a bow in front, which I covered with the belt. Once, I wore this dress and someone said that I looked so feminine. While flattered, I pondered if it was a back-handed compliment. Feminine? Did I look like a frog the other days? Besides, what kind of way is that to compliment a woman? What if I don't want to be feminine? What if I just wanted to look nice, and there you go, assigning gender roles on me?

Sorry. Phew. Got a bit caught there for a moment. I'm just...sort of sensitive about these things, as I don't like stereotypes. On to the outfit.

Like I said, I love this dress. Love the print, love the gray, love the fit. The fit is great. I wore this to attend a work conference. Since the dress is sleeveless, and I felt too exposed in a corporate conference, I opted for a blazer. I wanted to wrap the belt around the blazer, but after the conference lunch, it was simply impossible. Too much yummy food!

As for the barely there, see my expression in the picture. Barely standing up, crappy posture. Nothing further with the witness, I declare. And, yes, this was another thrifty outfit. Most expensive item was the dress, bought for $12 something, Target online clearance. I'll let you wonder about the prices of everything else. ;)

Blazer: United Colors of Benetton, Salvation Army
Pin: Salvation Army
Dress: Isaac Mizrahi for Target
Belt: Garage sale
Shoes: Nine West, Salvation Army


myedit said...

We big footed sisters can unite! I have invested in a shoe stretcher because even in 10s the width is often snug...
I like this Charlotte-esque goodness. None of it better be $0.10 or I will get jealous...:)

Stella said...

I need to get shoe stretchers. Mom saw a pair at the SA, but by the time she got to them, someone swooped them right in front of her. Will have to plunk down the 15-20 for them. :/

Hehehe, I'm glad you like the outfit! None of it was $0.10...but the belt was $0.25...and the blazer a whopping whole dollar!