Monday, June 28, 2010

The tooth and nothing but the tooth.

Oh, I couldn't resist.

I meant to post more last week, but as usual, work keeps getting in the way. Hm. I support the "work to live, not live to work" philosophy, so I should check myself. Second, I had a tooth pulled out. This happened on Friday. It was long overdue thanks to a rotten root canal job that went bust and a horrible dentist who ended up breaking my tooth. Ugh.

So since then, I've been mostly on liquids. Everytime I try to eat a solid, something goes wrong. I either stab the open gash or bite the cheek injury produced by the tooth removal. I ate two slices of pizza last night and they took me an hour each to eat. Pathetic.

I had a slew of posts planned, but, unfortunately, in my rush to leave early I forgot my charger. So my laptop is an awesome paperweight right now. Or doggie pedestal, as Genghis seems to see it.

Regular posting will be up soon...hopefully. Sheesh, it's so embarassing, how many times I've had to say that lately!


Yalitza said...

so sorry for your tooth. Hope you are feeling better now.

ほし said...

Thanks Yali. Hope everything's okay with you!