Thursday, June 24, 2010

Coral Monday and Blue Tuesday.

In an attempt to battle the disastrous weather (rain everyday! wind up the wazoo!), I'm wearing some of the cheeriest and brightest clothing I've got in my closet. Stupidly enough, I'm wearing sandals because I don't want to wear boots in the sticky heat. I hate wetting my feet, but if I'm wearing sandals, at least I can dry them off. I can't really dry boots or socks in the office...

Dress: Ann Taylor Loft via flea market
Sandals: Sears
Cuteness: Genghis
Earrings: Marshalls
Vest: Urban Outfitters
Shirt: Gap
Dress: Old Navy
Shoes: Aldo

I'm doing my best to not gripe about the weather, but this is ridiculous. The sky seems to have cleared up a bit so at least I can walk Genghis today. He was quite miserable about not being walked yesterday.

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