Monday, June 21, 2010

Don't want colors...

I love black. For years, all I had was black in my closet. Sure, I was forced into other colors, but black was always my comfort. Not because I was depressed or trying to hide anything. I just liked it's simplicity and elegance. And the fact that you could engage in intricate layering, texture, and design because you have a simple palette. No matching anything!

Of course, now I'm all for prints and crazy colors. My basics are bright and loud. What can I say? I hate to get lost in a crowd. I've got to be me 'till the end, even if that, sadly, dooms me. Anyway, some time ago I was feeling the all-black thing again. It was gnawing at the back of my head. The black in my closet was screaming to get out. My family would say it's the New Yorker DNA creeping out.

Blazer: 5-7-9
Dress: Converse for Target
Watch: Hermes Medor
Shoes: R.I.P. (Genghis ate them) Payless
Face: My parents and being absolute crap at mornings

I think the next pictures are quite silly. The first one was me being all grumpy and serious, I don't remember over what. The second was taken after checking out the first. I couldn't contain my laughter. It's probably all Genghis' fault, really. He has a gift of being a prat and then utterly adorable in the span of .05 seconds.

Shirt: A.N.A., JcPenney
Necklace: Made by moi
Skirt: Kenar, Marshalls
Watch: Hermes Medor
Purse: Chloe Front Pocket Satchel
Shoes: ???, Marshalls

When I wore my second outfit, my coworkers flipped and thought it was something I had sown. Ugh, I've got to show them what I've sown! They keep seeing me draft designs on random bits of paper and oohing and aahing over patterns online. Apparently, they have very high expectations of my skills after seeing my jewelry and beading. Gulp. Maybe if I just flash them a picture of puppy Genghis they will be distracted and let me run away?

Oh the pressure!

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