Monday, November 24, 2008

What I did on Saturday night.

Mago de Oz concert. Video taken by Damian since my camera is ailing and, quite honestly, I was too busy fending off ponytails, armpits, and flying beer. But it was a pretty awesome concert.

I'm still stuck with schoolwork and to top it off, I'm sick. Damian and I both are. It's probably Tovi's fault; the bastard came to Puerto Rico probably just to share his nasty Chupacabra-lovin' germs.

I kid!

However, there is awesome news on the academic front. I'll be presenting at three conferences next year! Four, if I get accepted at the Colegio one. Of course, that means I'll barely have Christmas vacation, as I'll have to work on my papers for both conferences and thesis.

Oh well. Work hard, play hard?

Another thing: Keyla asked me to put up a wishlist for Christmas, so here's a link to my Amazon Wishlist. I'd really appreciate it if I received items that are marked high/highest priority, since those are articles that I would use for my research. The books don't have to be new! I'm okay with used copies. If you don't like anything you see on the list, feel free to give me some cash for the Send Stella to Conferences (SSC) fund. ;)

My Wish List

Anyway,back to ye olde grind. Take care everyone.

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