Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Rest is good.

The semester is nearly over, which is so marvelously awesome there are really no words or actions that can describe it, other than staying quiet, appreciating the weather, and nomming on assorted things. Now I'll finally have time to rest and work on my projects, which include conference papers, thesis, and advertising for an activity.

One of my professors asked me to design pretty much everything publicity related for an upcoming event. This is pretty cool because it gives me a change to practice my graphic design skills, rounds out my resume, and, well. Publicity?

Thanksgiving was good. I barely tasted the food though since I've been harboring a cold from Hades. Shitty as a I was, I dragged my ass to school to show the mock-ups I'd made. Here is a completely unflattering picture of my outfit!

I've been getting most of my stuff on sale lately. Either that, or Salvation Army/flea markets for me! Have to seriously save for next semester since I have to be making a few business trips. Of course, some fun will be injected with them too!

I'd been obsessed with that dress for a while and they put it on a half-off sale, so it had to come home with me! I've worn it way too many times...and I've had it less than a month!

Jacket: Salvation Army (kids dept!)
Pins: Kress (turned earrings into pins)
Dress: Pitusa
Shoes: Old Navy

I'd say expect more posts soon, but I can't promise anything! I want to catch up on lost sleep...

And I have to catch up on academic work. Oh thesis.


Sarah D. said...

heeeeey I need a name from you lady because calling you "symbol girl" isn't going to work. Maybe I should call you Prince? haha

Thanks for the support and the blog recommendations, I added them to the new blogroll!

p.s. I love the blazer/dress combo, I have been trying to pull that off and it hasn't worked yet.

ほし said...

Haha, Prince, oh no...my name is Stella. :)

Thanks for the outfit compliments! I pretty much wear blazers all the time. Even my boyfriend is all: you really love those jackets, don't you?

K said...

Stella is my Style Guru!!! Slavation Army Kicks ASS!!!!!
For 20 bucks you can almost buy the whole lot!!!

ほし said...

Awww *hugs Klo* Thank ye!