Sunday, November 02, 2008

To-do list revisited!

Alright, so I posted a to-do list a few weeks ago. I'm revisiting it again to see what I've done. The ones that have been done will have a check mark next to them.

-work out √
-finish grading papers √ (though I have more to grade now; groan)
-show students their cumulative grade up to now (I couldn't do this due to an emergency academic recess so it was out of my control)
-finish first chapter
-finish and send proposals √ (though I have to write a couple of more!)
-work on Cobi shirt √
-work on English Major design √
-work on Chupacabra '08 design
-not lose my mind √
-clean room √
-hang out with friends √√√
-take dresses/jacket to tailor
-do TA and professor observations √
-work on TADS portfolio √ (half a check? doing observations counts as working on the portfolio...)
-do thrift shopping √√√ (too much, I'm afraid...)
-harass Damian about leaving me alone here √√√ (yep)

In addition, I washed my car, presented at the Victorian Literature festival, got accepted at a conference, and bathed one of the dogs. Awesome. Still, I have to grade more papers, make more proposals, finish the damn thesis chapters, and prepare the last section of the course. Also, I need to start preparing gift lists for people.

Interestingly enough, my nap intake has gone up. Hm.

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